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Arcadian Estate Vineyards

Arcadian Estate Vineyards Situated in the heart of Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country, Arcadian Estate Winery is located on Seneca Lake, near Watkins Glen. Folks find us to be a fun winery on Seneca Lake’s west side…….we encourage you to take a drive out and enjoy our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Arcadian’s main building is a 170 year old barn that is home to our winery and tasting room, gift shop and gallery which features our artist of the month. If you like, you can sample some of our wines around our main bar or have a specialized sampling with one of our staff of knowledgeable wine servers for a group of your friends or family. Wines can also be purchased by the glass or bottle to enjoy at your leisure.


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4184 Route 14, Rock Stream, NY, US, 14878 Email:
Phone: 800-298-1346 Web:
Fax: 607-535-4692
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  "Two Roads" Chardonnay
Paul Bunyan and Sharon Stone limbo dancing to the tropical beat of a woodland reggae band. The flagship wine of France’s Burgundy region this wine offers a distinctive oakey aroma and surprising tropical flare.
  Cabernet Franc
Eddie Murphy and Cinderella dancing 'til dawn while Sinatra raps New York, New York to the backup of Rusted Root. It will make you dance without your shoes. This premier grape of Bordeaux boasts all the flavor and taste expected from Cabernet.
  Café Noir
Bogart and Garbo rapping as they sail up the Amazon. Here's looking at you kid. This blend of Baco Noir and Rougeon French-American hybrid grapes hosts a delightful fruit forward, medium-bodied, exotic wine with an earthy twist.
  Cherry Fantasy
Sean Connery and Betty Boop in a limo eating gourmet cashews with ketchup on their way to the world bump and grind dance competition. Chocolate your fantasy? This is your wine! Serve with truffles or Black Forest cake.
  Cool Hand Peach
2004 Food & Wine Classic Gold Medal Winner. 2004 Eastern International Silver Medal Winner. Gwyenth Paltrow and Elmer Fudd chilling before the Olympic Fruit wrestling competition. Sweet, fuzzy and worth trying. This wine goes great with fruit pies or light cakes.
Harrison Ford and Dick Tracy playing hide-and-seek with Halle Berry. Mysterious, dark, comical and sensual. Taste great drizzled over vanilla ice cream or cheesecake.
King Kong Bundy wrestling Mickey Mouse for the World Championship Title and a glass of refreshing Dandelion wine. Its light citrusy flavor accentuates lighter cuisine such as melons, fruit salad or freshly tossed greens.
  Family Reserve
Jerry Garcia and Madonna riding the harvest hay wagon while sipping hot chocolate coffee stirred with a hot pepper stick. The Rougeon grape was fermented on the skins and briefly oaked. This full-bodied wine compliments beef and pork dishes with its rich, complex and arrestingly tempting flavor.
  Flora de la Noche
No one can resist the "flower of the night". A zippy little wine. Like eating chocolate covered hot peppers on a croissant, while the sun sets. This DeChaunac hybrid grape is "free-run" juice (the grapes weren't pressed) that exhibits a light color and medium body. "Only the night can embrace your soul."
Travolta and Cameron Diaz as finalists in the national dancing spelling bee. Can you spell spicy, lurid and evocative? Literally translated from German as "spicy-grape" this wine goes well with any Asian cuisine.
  Golden Egg Series Baco Noir
Hitchcock and Churchill lamenting their 2nd and 3rd place finish in the He-man chocolate eating contest to Peppermint Patti of "Peanuts". This French hybrid grape is the epitome of a dry, full-bodied table wine.
  Midnight Train" Blueberry
Like Charlie Brown and Lena Horne returning from a victorious run in the Alaskan Ididarod. Oh the rewards of the "Great Blue." Its explosive flavor is beyond belief. This wine will compliment any part of a dining experience from appetizers to entrée to dessert.
  Patriot's Red
NEW RELEASE! Even the grape used for this wine, Marechal Foch, exudes patriotism. This full-bodied, deep, rich wine is a representation of the character of patriots everywhere. The ultimate "steak wine" also finds its niche with venison and wild game.
  Pinot Noir
Like Mozart and the Spice Girls performing a benefit concert in Central Park, this deeply complex vinifera wine has the versatility and vitality to be enjoyed by everyone from the symphony-set to rock-n-rollers. Fire up the BBQ, but pass on the beef. This wine goes exquisitely with salmon fillet or tuna steaks.
  Sail Away
2004 Food & Wine Classic Bronze Medal Winner. Wind Surfing through the apple orchards of ancient Atlantis while Zeus and Cher jam some jazz. This Cayuga white grape developed by Cornell in 1972 is soft, pleasant and summery. The perfect wine for waterside sipping relaxation.
  Snowy Evening
This is the 10th edition of the "Snowy Evening" series. It is crisp with a hint of citrus and pairs perfectly with seafood or poultry dishes.
  Take My Time Black Raspberry
Ringo Starr and Isaac Hayes serenading Drew Barrymore as she finishes preparing her favorite cheese cake. Sweet, rich, fun and worth savoring.
  Watkins "Way Cool" Blush
Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman singing reggae in a hot tub of strawberries. The pink Catawba grape presents a taste that appears spicy, free and easy. The perfect "anytime wine," it pleases both the red and white wine consumer.
  Watkins Red
The white wine drinkers red wine! How yoou doing? "Are you kidding me?" Do you plan to go to Bobby DeNiro's house for pizza and pasta without wine? Wine for those offers you can't refuse. Made from the Rosette grape, one of the oldest French-American hybrids grown in New York, it produces a light, fruity wine.
  Watkins White
Like diving into the grape mosh pit with Dorothy and the Scarecrow in the undiscovered Vineyard of OZ. The taste of this Native American Niagara grape has the same pristine, crystal-clear flavor as the waters that flow through the Seneca gorges.
  White & Red Port


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