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Café Noir

Café Noir Wine Details
Price: $8.99 per bottle

Description: Bogart and Garbo rapping as they sail up the Amazon. Here's looking at you kid. This blend of Baco Noir and Rougeon French-American hybrid grapes hosts a delightful fruit forward, medium-bodied, exotic wine with an earthy twist.

Varietal Definition
Baco Noir:
BA french-american hybrid grape used to make an intense red wine regarded by some as a good substitute for Cabernet Sauvignon . Capable of aging, its origins trace to the Folle Blanche and a native American strain of grape. Extensively grown in the cool northern regions of N. America.
The Rougeon grape is a French-American hybrid with hardy vines that produce black grapes in medium-sized, compact clusters. It is used in blending to provide a rich red color.


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