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Goose Watch Winery

Goose Watch Winery Goose Watch is one of New York's most unique wineries, for its setting as well as its wines. First, you'll take in one of the loveliest views of Cayuga Lake from our tasting room, situated in a beautifully restored century-old barn nestled within one of the area's only commerical chestnut groves. On weekends throughout the summer (weather permitting), enjoy a tour of what is perhaps the area's most diversified farm, including our trout operation, chestnut groves and vineyards.

Goose Watch is located on the Cayuga Wine Trail, just 40 minutes north of Ithaca, or 15 minutes south of Seneca Falls. From Rochester or Syracuse, take the NYS Thruway (I-90) to Exit 41. Just follow Route 414 south to Ogden Road-County Road 124, then take Route 89 south 2½ miles south.

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5480 Route 89, Romulus, NY, US, 14541 Email:
Phone: 315-549-2599 Web:
Fax: 315-549-2596
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  Bayside Blush
This semi-dry blush wine is citrusy with a pleasant crisp and refreshing finish. Blended primarily from Cayuga White an Pinot Noir. Excellent value! 4.2% Residual Sugar
  Cabernet Franc Rosé
Great berry fruit aromas and just enough residual sugar to balance the acidity, this is a refreshing wine on a warm day and it is versatile with many meals that call for lighter reds. Outstanding value!
  Cabernet Sauvignon
One of the most popular red wine grapes in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon thrives in only a few selected micro climates in the Finger Lakes.This vintage is surprisingly rich and full-flavored, with a smooth smoky finish. Barrel aging has enhanced the complexity.
An exciting deep red, dry varietal wine with vibrant raspberry aromas that are enhanced with richness and finesse from aging in oak. Serve with leaner red meats or pasta.
  Classic Cream Sherry
A rich and complex Cream Sherry that offers nutty spicy aromas with a hint of caramel in the finish. This classic Sherry is aged in premium oaks barrels to add smoothness and complexity.
Grown in the Finger Lakes for over a century and has withstood the test of time, Diamond is perhaps the best of the original white wine grapes grown in New York. Assertive floral and fresh grape aromas are nicely integrated with the luscious semi-sweet finish.
  Finale White Port
Rarer than rare! Its exotic aromas and flavors of tropical fruits are perfectly balanced with the amazingly rich finish. A perfect dessert wine all by itself; it's a rare treat that is usually found only in Portugal.
  Golden Spumante
Have fun with this effervescent and fruity Spumante that is sure to spice up any moment that it is served! Semi-sweet with fresh grape aromas.
A rare varietal that is common in Germany and Austria. A lighter styled dry red that is similar in style to Pinot Noir, but with distinctive black peppery and berry characteristics.
A newer premium grape variety developed by Cornell University at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. Melody is a crisp semi-dry wine that offers delicate floral and vanilla aromas and bright citrusy flavors. Accompanies poultry dishes especially well.
One of the world's most elegant red wine grapes, this delicate grape variety requires careful vineyard practices to bring out its potential. This Merlot boasts nice black pepper aromas and rich berry fruit.
  Pinot Grigio
Widely grown in Oregon, Alsace and Italy, Pinot Gris is a rare find in the Finger Lakes, With its lightly floral rose petal aromas and pear and peach-like flavors, this varietal has surprising body and richness. A great food wine, especially with seafood. 0% Residual Sugar
  Pinot Noir Brut Rosé
A rare Brut Rose, made from the "king" of the sparkling wine grapes. Crisp and light, highlighting the strawberry and cherry-like Pinot varietal flavors.
  Red Fox
This spicy, sweet red wine is made from a blend of grapes that used to be called "fox" grapes. These days, we just think of it as a fresh tasting easy to drink sweeter red wine that finishes as smooth as red velvet!
  Renaissance Red
A "new age" style of red wine that makes a great alternative to those dry reds that make you "pucker!" Soft and fruity with just a touch of sweetness. Can be served chilled or at cool room temperature. Great fresh berry aromas and flavor make this wine great with pizza, pasta or even a burger! Great value!
The blending of the two Finger Lakes premier whites has produced a dry white wine with the floral and fruity Riesling flavors combined with the spiciness of a classic Gewurztraminer. This synergistic blend is crisp and elegant and pairs well with a variety of foods, from grilled chicken or pork chops, to slightly spicy Asian foods. A great alternative to Dry Riesling!
  Rose of Isabella
One of the first grapes ever planted in the Finger Lakes, the Isabella grape can be traced back as early as 1819. The unusual boysenberry-like aromas and flavors are unlike that of any other grape variety. Serve this semi-sweet wine as a refreshing summer sipper.
  Snow Goose
The beautiful Snow Goose is a sure sign of winter here in the vineyard. This sweet, yet crisp white wine blend exudes luscious aromas of peaches and pineapple and finishes with spicy refreshing flavors.
  Sparkling Pear Champagne
A vibrant, crisp sparkling wine made entirely from premium Bartlett pears grown along the shores of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York. The aromas are reminiscent of juicy pears and the slightly sweet but crisp finish is light and refreshing. 4.5% Residual Sugar
  Strawberry Splendor
We have captured the taste of fresh strawberries to enjoy anytime in the luscious dessert and party wine. Made from grape wine sweetened and flavored with strawberry juice and natural strawberry flavors. No artificial flavors added, just pure strawberry flavors with a rich finish and just enough tartness to balance the sweetness. 10% Residual Sugar
Made from a new premium wine grape developed by Cornell University, our Traminette is very dry, with a distinctive spicy finish that is reminiscent of Gewurztraminer, (which is one of Traminette's parent varieties). The crisp fruit flavors and spicy finish make this wine a great accompaniment to many oriental dishes.
  Villard Blanc
New York’s only Villard Blanc, very dry with hints of citrus and herbs, reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc. Excellent with grilled or baked seafood dishes!
This low-yielding, tiny clustered vinifera grape is native to the French Rhone, and it makes the best and most expensive white wines there. It is also one of the hottest white wines in California today. This wine is dry, with great tropical fruit aromas and a bit more body than most Rieslings. A real bargain compared to Rhone and California versions.


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