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Weeping Radish Farm Brewery

Weeping Radish Farm Brewery The Weeping Radish is North Carolina’s oldest micro brewery. All the beers are brewed with only “Hops, Malt, Yeast and Water”. The beers are unfiltered which means that all natural vitamins and minerals have not been removed. In Bavaria this is called “Reinheitsgebot Bier”, which by the way is the first consumer protection law in the world going back to 1516.

Located on 24 acres in Jarvisburg, NC on Highway 168/158 between Norfolk, Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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6810 Caratoke Highway, Jarvisburg, NC, US, 27947 Email:
Phone: 252-491-5205 Web:
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  Black Radish
Black Radish (Schwarzbier) is a medium bodied, dark German lager style beer. Clean lager character with an aftertaste that tends to dry out slowly and linger, featuring hop bitterness with a complementary but subtle roastiness in the background. Black Radish is listed as "one of the 50 beers to try before you die."
  Christmas Bier
(Doppelbock) A very strong and rich lager; dark brown with ruby highlights. Brewed with over 50% Munich malt. A Bavarian specialty first brewed in Munich by the monks of St. Francis of Paula. The term “doppel (double) bock” was coined by Munich consumers.
  Corolla Gold
A golden-hued, medium-bodied, German lager style beer with a slightly sweet, malty profile.
  Farm Brew®
(Altbier) Orange-bronze to deep copper in color; medium-bodied ale. The traditional style of beer from Düsseldorf, “Alt” means “Old” or refers to the methods of brewing predating lager beers. Brewed with 100% Briess USDA Certified Organic Barley.
A Deep orange-red in color. Medium body. Distinctive & complex maltiness, moderate hop bitterness. Smooth, clean, with a depth of malt character.
  Kölsch Seasonal Beer
Very pale to light gold in color, light to medium-light in body. A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer with very subtle fruit flavors and aromas.
Medium-bodied; deep gold to light amber in color. A relatively pale, strong, malty lager beer. Traditionally brewed in December and stored to celebrate the coming of springtime and the month of May.
(Oktoberfest) A medium-bodied, amber-hued German lager style beer. Typically brewed in March (März) and stored until autumn. Oktoberfest originated with the wedding festivities of the Bavarian heir prince Ludwig to princess Theresa in 1810 and is held annually in Munich.
  Weizen Beer
Weizen (German Wheat) is a pale, straw-colored, light-bodied, well-rounded wheat beer. A beer served "mit hefe"; the beer is cloudy from suspended yeast sediment.


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