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Wineries, breweries, & distilleries in Indiana

 IconNameCityStateTelephoneEmail AddressWeb Address
Brewery 10-56 Brewing Company
Distillery 12.05 Distillery
Brewery 18th Street Brewery
Distillery 18th Street Distillery
Brewery 2Toms Brewing Company Fort
Brewery 450 North Brewing Company
Brewery 5 Arch Brewing Company
Brewery 7 Pillars Brewery Company PeruIN765-919-4300
Distillery 8th Day Distillery
Brewery Afterburner Brewing Company Terre
Cider Aftermath Cidery & Winery
Distillery Alchemy Spirit House
Cider Ambrosia Orchard, Cidery & Meadery
Winery Anderson's Vineyard & Winery
Cider Ash & Elm Cider Co.
Winery At the Barn Winery
Brewery Auburn Brewing Company
Brewery Backstep Brewing Company
Brewery Bad Dad Brewery
Brewery Bank Street Brewhouse New
Brewery Bare Hands Brewery
Distillery Bear Wallow Distillery
Brewery Beech Bank Brewing Company Beech
Winery Belgian Horse Winery
Brewery Bent Rail Brewery
Winery Best Vineyards Winery & Distillery
Brewery Bier Brewery - Carmel
Brewery Bier Brewery and Taproom
Brewery Big Leaf Brewing West Terre
Brewery Big Lug Canteen
Brewery Big Woods Brewery
Brewery Birdboy Brewing Co. Fort
Brewery Black Circle Brewing Co.
Brewery Black Dog Brewery
Winery Blackhawk Winery
Brewery Blind Owl Brewery
Brewery Blockhead Beerworks
Brewery Bloomington Brewing Company
Winery Blue Heron Winery
Brewery Books & Brews
Distillery Boone County Jail Distillery
Brewery Brass Elk Brewing
Brewery Brew Link Brewing
Brewery Brew Link Brewing Downtown
Winery Briali Vineyards & Winery
Brewery Broad Ripple Brewpub
Brewery Brokerage Brewing Company West
Winery Brown County Winery
Winery Buck Creek Winery
Brewery Bulldog Brewing
Brewery Burn 'Em Brewing Michigan
Winery Butler Winery & Vineyard
Winery Butler Winery Chesterton
Winery Butler Winery In-Town
Winery Byler Lane Winery
Brewery Byway Brewing Company
Brewery Cannon Ball Brewing Company
Distillery Cardinal Spirits
Winery Carousel Winery
Winery Carpenter Creek Cellars
Brewery Cedar Creek Brew Co.
Distillery Cedar Creek Distillery
Winery Cedar Creek Winery
Winery Cedar Creek Winery Tasting Room
Brewery Centerpoint Brewing
Brewery Chapman's Brewing Company - Angola
Brewery Chapman's Brewing Company - Columbia City Columbia
Brewery Chapman's Brewing Company - Fort Wayne Fort
Brewery Chapman's Brewing Company - Huntington
Brewery Chapman's Brewing Company - Wabash
Winery Chateau de Pique
Brewery Chateau de Pique Brewery
Winery Chateau Pomije Winery
Winery Chateau Thomas Winery
Brewery Chesterton Brewery
Brewery Chilly Water Brewing Company
Brewery Civilian Brewing Corps
Winery Coal Creek Cellars
Winery Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard
Winery Country Moon Winery
Brewery Crasian Brewing Company
Brewery Creatures Of Habit Brewing Co.
Brewery Crooked Ewe South
Brewery Crown Brewing Crown
Winery Daniel's Vineyard
Brewery Danny Boy Beer Works
Brewery Danny Boy Draft Works IU
Brewery Danny Boy Draft Works Notre Dame South
Brewery Daredevil Brewing Company
Brewery Deviate Brewing
Brewery The Devil's Trumpet Brewing Co.
Brewery Donum Dei Brewery New
Brewery dot & line brewing company Fort WayneIN260-444-2639
Winery Downing Winery
Distillery Dusty Barn Distillery Mount
Winery Easley Winery
Distillery Edwin Coe Spirits
Brewery Ellison Brewing Co.
Brewery Elm Street Brewing Company
Winery Ertel Cellars Winery
Brewery Escape Velocity Brewing
Brewery Evansville Brewhouse
Brewery Evil Czech Brewery
Brewery Feed Store Beer Co.
Brewery Fenwick Farms Brewing Company
Winery Fiekerts Homestead Wines Rising
Brewery Field Brewing
Brewery Fireside Craft Burgers & Brews
Brewery Fish Moon Brewing Company
Brewery Fistful of Ale New
Brewery Flat12 Bierwerks
Brewery Flix Brewhouse Carmel
Brewery Floyd County Brewing Company New
Brewery Foreign Local
Brewery Fork + Ale House
Brewery Fortlandia Brewing Fort
Brewery Fountain Square Brewing Co
Brewery Four Day Ray Brewing
Brewery Four Fathers Brewing
Winery French Lick Wine & Spirits West Baden
Cider Friendly Beasts Cider
Winery Fruit Hills Winery & Orchard
Winery Fruitshine Winery North
Brewery Function Brewing
Brewery Fuzzyline Brewing Co.
Brewery Garfield Brewery
Brewery Gas City Brewing Gas
Winery Gateway Cellar Winery
Distillery Gem City Spirits
Cider Gnarly Grove Cider
Brewery GnomeTown Brewing Co. Fort
Brewery Good-Rich Taproom & Brewery
Brewery Goodwood Brewing - Indianapolis
Brewery Goshen Brewing Company
Brewery Grand Junction Brewing Co.
Brewery Granite City Food & Brewery
Brewery Granite City Food & Brewery Fort
Brewery Great Crescent Brewery
Brewery The Guardian Brewing Company
Brewery Guesswork Brewing Co. AlbionIN260-636-2446
Brewery Guggman Haus Brewing Co.
Brewery Half Moon Brewery
Distillery Hard Truth Distilling Co.
Winery Harmony Winery
Brewery Harry Stuff Brewing Co.
Winery Hartland Winery
Brewery Hawcreek Brewing Co.
Brewery Haynie's Corner Brewing Co.
Winery Heagy Vineyards
Distillery Heartland Distillers
Brewery Heavenly Goat Brewing Co. GrangerIN574-217-8428
Winery Hedgegrove Meadery & Winery
Brewery Hog Molly Brewing
Winery Holtkamp Winery New
Winery Hooker Corner Winery Pine
Brewery Hoosier Brewing Company
Brewery Hoosierboy Smokehouse & Brew PortlandIN 
Brewery Hop Quest Brewing Company
Brewery Hop River Brewing Company Fort
Brewery HopLore Brewing Company
Winery Hopwood Cellars
Distillery Hotel Tango Distillery
Distillery Hotel Tango Distillery - Fort Wayne Fort
Winery Huber Orchard & Winery
Distillery Huber Starlight Distillery
Winery Huckleberry Hill Winery
Distillery Hunt Club Distillery
Brewery Hunter's Brewing
Brewery Iechyd Da Brewing Company
Winery Indian Creek Winery
Winery Indian Trail Wines Royal
Distillery Indiana Whiskey Company South
Winery Ironhand Vineyard South
Brewery Ironwood Brewing Co.
Winery J & J Winery
Brewery Junk Ditch Brewing Company Fort
Cider Kekionga Craft Company Fort
Brewery King Jugg Brewing Company
Brewery Kismetic Beer Company IndianapolisIN
Brewery Klooz Brewz Brewery & Public House
Brewery The Koontz Lake Brewing Company
Brewery Kopacetic Beer Factory
Brewery Lafayette Brewing Company
Brewery Lakeville Brew Crew
Winery Lambstone Cellars
Brewery Landing Beer Company Fort
Winery Lanthier Winery
Brewery LaOtto Brewing Company
Brewery Ledgeview Brewing Company
Winery Legacy Lane Vineyard BrookvilleIN937-902-7738
Brewery Lil' Charlie's Restaurant & Brewery
Brewery Liter House
Winery Little Creek Winery
Brewery Logansport Brewing Company
Brewery Mad Anthony Brewing Fort
Brewery Mad Paddle Brewery
Winery Madison County Winery
Winery Madison Vineyards
Brewery Maidens Brewery & Pub
Winery Mallow Run Winery
Brewery Man Cave Brewing Company
Winery Manic Meadery Crown
Brewery MashCraft Fishers
Brewery MashCraft Greenwood
Brewery MashCraft on Delaware
Cider McClure's Orchard
Brewery Metazoa Brewing Co.
Distillery Midwest Grain Products Ingredients (MGP)
Winery Misbeehavin Meads
Winery Monkey Hollow Ferdinand
Winery Monkey Hollow Santa Claus Santa
Distillery Monkey Hollow Winery and Distillery St.
Brewery Moontown Brewing Company
Brewery Myriad Brewing Company
Brewery Nailers Brewing Company
Brewery New Albanian Brewing Company Public House New
Brewery New Boswell Brewing
Brewery New Corner Brewing Company
Winery New Day Craft Mead and Hard Cider
Brewery New Madison Brewing Company
Brewery New Oberpfalz Brewing
Brewery New Paradigm Brewing
Winery Oak Hill Winery
Brewery Oaken Barrel Brewing Co
Distillery Oakley Brothers Distillery
Winery Oddball Fermentables
Brewery Off Square Brewing
Brewery Old 41 Brewing Company Terre
Distillery Old 55 Distillery NewtownIN
Brewery Olde School Brauhaus Ft.
Winery Oliver Winery
Brewery Our Lady of Perpetual Hops New
Winery Owen Valley Winery
Brewery Parlor City Brewing Company
Winery PatoKa Lake Winery
Brewery Pax Verum Brewing
Winery Peace Water Winery
Winery Peace Water Winery
Brewery Peoples Brewing Company
Winery The People's Winery LogansportIN574-721-0791
Winery Pepper's Ridge Winery
Brewery Planetary Brewing Company
Brewery Point Blank Brewing Company
Brewery Power House Brewing Company
Winery Powers Winery
Brewery Quaff On! Brewing Company
Winery Quibble Hill Winery
Brewery Red Yeti Brewing Co
Winery Rettig Hill Winery
Winery The Ridge Winery
Winery River City Winery New
Winery River City Winery Franklin
Brewery RUHE152 Brewery + Distillery
Winery Running Vines Winery
Brewery Rusted Silo Southern BBQ & Brewhouse
Brewery Saint Benedict's Brew Works
Brewery Saint John Malt Brothers, Inc. St.
Brewery Saint Joseph Brewery
Winery Salt Creek Winery
Winery Salt Creek Winery Nashville
Winery Satek Winery
Brewery Scarlet Lane 46th/College
Brewery Scarlet Lane Beech Grove Beech
Brewery Scarlet Lane Bellefontaine
Brewery Scarlet Lane Brewing
Brewery Scarlet Lane Irvington
Brewery Schnitz Brewery & Pub
Brewery Science Project Brewing Company
Winery Scout Mountain Winery
Brewery The Seymour Brewing Company SeymourIN812-524-8888
Winery Shady Creek Winery Michigan
Brewery The Shaggy Ass Brewery
Brewery Shale Creek Brewing
Brewery Shoreline Brewery Michigan
Winery Simmons Winery
Cider Slaughter Orchard & Cidery BloomingtonIN
Winery Smith's Winery
Brewery SmockTown Brewery GreenwoodIN317-215-4836
Brewery The Sour Note Brewing Forest
Brewery South Bend Brew Werks South
Distillery Spirits of French Lick West Baden
Winery Stoney Creek Winery
Winery Stream Cliff Farm Winery
Distillery Streven Distilling Company
Brewery Studebaker Brewing Co. South
Brewery Summit City Brewerks Fort
Distillery Sun King Brewing & Spirits
Brewery Sun King Brewing Downtown
Brewery Sun King Brewing Fishers District
Brewery Sun King Kokomo
Brewery Switchyard Brewing Company
Winery The Sycamore Winery West Terre
Brewery The Tap Beer Company
Brewery Taxman Brewing
Brewery Taxman Brewing - Bargersville
Brewery Taxman Brewing - Fortville
Brewery Taxman Brewing CityWay
Brewery Teays River Brewing & Public House
Brewery Tell City Pour House Pub Tell
Brewery Terre Haute Brewing Company Terre
Brewery Thieme & Wagner Brewery
Winery Thomas Family Winery
Brewery Thomas-Stieglitz Brewing Company
Brewery Three Floyds Brewing & Distilling
Distillery Three Rivers Distilling Co Fort
Brewery Tin Man Brewing Company
Brewery Tin Man Brewing Company - Kokomo
Winery Tippy Creek Winery
Winery The Tipsy Glass Winery
Winery TJ Haase Winery
Winery Tonne Winery
Brewery Traders Brewing Company
Winery Traders Point Winery
Brewery Tree City Brew Co
Brewery Triton Brewing Company
Brewery Trubble Brewing Fort
Brewery Turoni's Pizzery & Brewery
Winery Turtle Run Winery
Brewery Twenty Tap
Brewery Two Deep Brewing Co.
Winery TWO-EE's Winery
Brewery Union Brewing
Brewery Upland Brewing Carmel
Brewery Upland Brewing College Ave
Brewery Upland Brewing Columbus
Brewery Upland Brewing Company
Brewery Upland Brewing Company FSQ
Brewery Upland Brewpub
Winery Urban Vines Winery & Brewery
Brewery Viking Artisan Ales
Brewery The Vincennes Brewing Company
Distillery Virtuoso Distillers
Brewery Wabash Brewing
Winery WaterTower Estates Winery & Brewery Terre
Brewery Wedgewood Brewing Company
Distillery West Fork Whiskey Co.
Brewery Westwind Brewery Co.
Winery Whyte Horse Winery
Winery Wildcat Creek Winery
Brewery Wildrose Brewing
Winery Wilson Wines
Distillery Wind Hill Distillery Earl ParkIN
Brewery Windmill Brewing
Winery Windy Knoll Winery
Winery Windy Ridge Vineyard, Winery, & Distillery
Winery Winzerwald Winery
Brewery Wooden Bear Brewing
Brewery Yard Goat Ales
Brewery Zorn Brew Works Michigan
Brewery ZwanzigZ Brewing
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