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Adelsheim TF - Tocai Friulano, Willamette Valley

Adelsheim TF - Tocai Friulano, Willamette Valley Wine Details
Price: $22.00 per bottle

Description: It is great fun to compare our “TF” with its Old World counterparts. The aromas of the two are similar, but ours is somewhat more in the direction of lime, kiwi, and guava, and a little less about new-mown hay. In the mouth, ours seems richer, rounder and fruitier without being sweet; Friulian bottlings are usually more earthy and tannic. As for pairings, shellfish of any sort would be the traditional partner, but our “TF” also seems to be wonderful with full-flavored, semi-hard cheeses, real Italian Fontina, for example.

Varietal Definition
Tocai Friulano:
Widely grown in the Fruili region of Italy. Also to be found in Argentina. Thought to be identical with the Sauvignon Vert grape grown in Chile. Used to produce lightbodied white wines with flowery and nut-like flavors and should be drunk when young.


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