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Altbier Wine Details

Description: Altbier is a German ale, which literally means old beer. This is not referring to the age of the beer but rather to the pre-lager fermentation method of using ale yeast. Amber in color, the Alt has a clean flavor, which is similar to a dark lager but with the addition of noble hops from Germany with a light biscuity flavor.

Varietal Definition
Put simply an Altbier has the smoothness of a classic lager with the flavors of an ale. A more rigorous definition must take account of history. Ale brewing in Germany predates the now predominant lager production. As the lager process spread from Bohemia, some brewers retained the top fermenting ale process but adopted the cold maturation associated with lager. Hence the name ’Old Beer’ (Alt means old in German). Altbier is associated with Dusseldorf, Munster, and Hanover. This style of ale is light to medium-bodied, less fruity, less yeasty, and has lower acidity than a traditional English ale.


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