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Cranberry Wheat

Cranberry Wheat Wine Details

Description: A harmonious marriage of cranberries and beer, this pale ale is all about the fruit. Pink to orange in color, there is a hint of sweetness and lots of the tart found in cranberries. A very sweet cranberry taste hits you so smooth you'll be charmed immediately followed by a bit of tartness and just a hint of hop floral aroma. Bob had to drive all the way to a cranberry bog in the Pinelands just to find the key ingredient. What a cry-baby.

Varietal Definition
Wheat Ale:
As the name would suggest these are ales that use a proportion of wheat in the mash to add a protein haze. Wheat ales, inspired by the German weizen tradition were popular before prohibition in the US and are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This generic category encapsulates the diverse interpretation of the classic German Weizen styles brewed in America and elsewhere.


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