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Chelois Casscles Vineyards

Chelois Casscles Vineyards Wine Details

Description: This is one of the crown jewels of the Hudson-Chtham line. A soft, cherry flavored red table wine made from Chelois grapes. Grown on a small parcel, this wine is handmade, unfiltered, and unfined. Hudson-Chatham Chelois features a bright red cherry profile, with gentle touches of vanilla and fallen leaves. A exquisite red wine comparable to a light Burgundy Pinot Noir. This wine has recieved rave reviews from Steven Kolpan on WAMC radio, the New York Cork Report, the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess, and many others.

Varietal Definition
French-american hybrid grape used to produce robust, fruity red wines hinting of Burgundy and often finished in a dry style. Found mainly in cooler regions of the Northern U.S. and Canada.


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