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Baco Noir Casscels Vineyards

Baco Noir Reserve Casscels Vineyards Wine Details

Description: Baco Noir Casscels Reserve is a small production, fine wine that has recieved praise from Edible Manhattan, Rural Intelligence, New York Cork Report, All Over Albany, The Fussy Little Blog, and numerous other publications. Baco Noir was a French hybrid originally bred to replace Pinot Noir during the phylloxera epidemic during the 1800s. The grapes are from 20-year old vines and harvested by hand. The wine is unfiltered and unfined. It’s aged 9-10 mos. in French oak. This delightful red has a bright sour cherry profile with big whiffs of plum and vanilla. An incredible soft, medium-bodied wine, that will age well for years. This wine is excellent with cheese, pork, chicken, pasta, and other gourmet meals.

Varietal Definition
Baco Noir:
BA french-american hybrid grape used to make an intense red wine regarded by some as a good substitute for Cabernet Sauvignon . Capable of aging, its origins trace to the Folle Blanche and a native American strain of grape. Extensively grown in the cool northern regions of N. America.


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