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Apricot Saison au Poivre

Apricot Saison au Poivre Wine Details

Description: A Saison perfect for the season--assuming mother nature can decide it's actually spring! Â Golden-orange in color with wonderful lacing, this unfiltered Saison had a generous amount of Apricot added during fermentation and just a touch of Black Pepper during the boil. Â The aroma and flavor are distinctly apricot and slightly tart at first, finishing a bit dry and lightly spicy. Please note, this is the Non-Barrel Aged, Draft Only version.

Varietal Definition
Ale is beer that is brewed using only top-fermenting yeasts, and is typically fermented at higher temperatures than lager beer (15–23°C, 60–75°F). At these temperatures, ale yeasts produce significant amounts of esters and other secondary flavours and aromas, often resembling those of apple, pear, pineapple, grass, hay, banana, plum or prune.


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