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Lost Rhino Pacific Pils

Lost Rhino Pacific Pils Wine Details

Description: With a rich, dense, creamy head, this crisp Keller style golden lager is clean and refreshing. Premium brewer's malt creates a sweet backbone, but hops are what really make this brew stand out. The prominent hop flavor and fresh aroma are from the noble Halertau and Saaz. This beer is served unfiltered, so the complex taste created during the slow brewing process is not stripped away.

Varietal Definition
Pilsner styles of beer originate from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. They are medium to medium-full bodied and are characterized by high carbonation and tangy czech varieties of hops that impart floral aromas and a crisp, bitter finish. The hallmark of a fresh pilsner is the dense, white head. The alcohol levels must be such as to give a rounded mouthfeel, typically around 5% ABV. Classic pilsners are thoroughly refreshing, but they are delicate and must be fresh to show their best. Few beers are as disappointing to the beer lover as a stale pilsner.


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