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Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale

Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale Wine Details

Description: ABC's Trail Blaze Brown Ale is now certified by PA Certified Organic and USDA Organic for production in our Harrisburg brewery. We installed a separate organic ingredient handling system and brewed the first batch of Trail Blaze in October. This fine beer is currently conditioning in our tanks and will be ready for next month's release. Look for this product at all ABC locations, fine area pubs and beer bars, and distributors throughout the region. Trail Blaze is an all-American, all-organic beer micro-brewed using the finest organic ingredients. Our deep copper colored American Brown Ale has smooth roasted caramel flavors balanced by an evident hop bitterness and aroma. Trail Blaze is environmentally sound, all ingredients are grown to the highest organic standards, it's healthy and it just plain tastes better!

Varietal Definition
English Style Brown Ale:
The precise definition of English Brown Ale would depend on where you are in England. It is nowadays much more closely associated with Northern England, specifically Tadcaster and Newcastle, home to Newcastle Brown Ale. These medium-bodied reddish-brown beers are malt accented with a nutty character, a gentle fruitiness, and low bitterness. Alcohol is moderate, a maximum of 5%ABV. The much less prevalent Southern English style, not seen abroad, is much darker in color, sweeter on the palate, and made in a lighter style.


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