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Avenel Amber

Avenel Amber Wine Details

Description: A medium hopped, light-bodied Amber lager. This brew derives its flavor from American grains with emphasis on domestic caramel and toasted malts. Oregon-grown hops abound, providing 28 IBUs.I hope the Avenel gang enjoys this one.

Varietal Definition
Amber Ale:
This is a more modern, non-traditional style, and many of these beers borrow heavily from the characteristics associated with more classical styles such as "Pale Ales" or "Bitters." Amber ales are light to medium bodied and can be anywhere from light copper to light brown in hue. Flavorwise they can vary from generic and quaffable to serious craft brewed styles with extravagant hoppy aromas and full malt character. Typically amber ales are quite malty but not heavily caramelized in flavor. For our purposes amber ales will also include ales commonly identified as "Red Ales," and "American Ales" as, from the consumers viewpoint, the dividing line between these styles can often be a more a marketing concern than a consistently observed brewing convention.


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