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Catdaddy Wine Details

Description: True to the generations old tradition of mak’in moonshine, every batch is made from corn and is born in our authentic copper pots still. We then add our secret ingredients into our private batch recipe to deliver a truly unique and indescribable taste that leaves people asking, "What is that flavor?" Some describe the taste as a little sweet, with a little spice and often ask, "Is that vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, etc…?" Of course we can’t say what’s in our recipe, but we can tell ya’ that it’s legal and it’s delicious.

Varietal Definition
Corn Whiskey:
Corn whiskey is an American whiskey made from a mash made up of at least 80 percent corn (maize). The whiskey is distilled to not more than 40 percent alcohol by volume. It does not have to be aged but, if it is aged, it must be in new or used uncharred oak barrels. Aging usually is brief, i.e., six months. During aging the whiskey picks up color and flavor and its harshness is reduced.


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