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Americanized Belgian Pale

Americanized Belgian Pale Wine Details

Description: This American style Pale Ale features our exclusive use of Summit hops. Their citrus flavor & aroma compliments the spiciness created by the use of this special yeast from the Ardennes Forest region of Belgium.

Varietal Definition
Pale Ale:
Pale ales tend to be fuller-bodied with a more assertive character on the palate the standard bitter in a English brewers portfolio. In England it is generally a bottled, as opposed to being sold on draft. Despite the name, pale ales are not pale but, in fact, more of an amber hue. The original designation was in reference to this style of beer being paler than the brown and black beers which were more popular at the time of the styles inception. In the US pale ale styles have become one of the benchmarks by which craft brewers are judged. The US version of pale ale is crisper and generally much more hoppy. Indeed this style is well suited to assertive domestic Pacific Northwestern hop varieties that give the US examples inimitable character.


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