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Dry Irish Oatmeal Stout

Dry Irish Oatmeal Stout Wine Details

Description: Pours Black with dark ruby highlights and a fluffy toffee colored head. The aroma is of roasted grains, coffee, and slight dark caramel sweetness. The first taste is caramel that quickly changes to coffee and roasted malt astringency. This is balanced by the velvet sweetness of the oats and finishes dry with a slight bite from the hops.

Varietal Definition
Oatmeal Stout:
This brew is a variation of sweet stout which has a small proportion of oats used in place of roasted malt, which has the effect of enhancing body and mouthfeel. They were originally brewed by the British in the earlier part of this century, when stouts were thought of as a nutritious part of an everyday diet.


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