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Point Einbock

Point Einbock Wine Details

Description: Point Einbock is an authentic Maibock Style Lager. There are many stories as to how Bock beers were named. Some assert the origins date back to the north-German town of Einbeck. Others maintain that "bock," the German word for "goat," relates to the "kick" of some bock beers. This seasonal Bock beer, offered only during the Spring, is hand-crafted utilizing the finest Munich and Vienna styles of specialty malts with a blend of Bavarian Hallertauer hops. With a German translation of "One-Bock," Point Einbock is one Bock you are sure to enjoy.

Varietal Definition
Maibocks are medium to full-bodied lagers whose alcohol content can vary widely though is typically between 5-6%ABV. The color of pale bocks can vary from light bronze to deep amber and they are characterized by a sweet malty palate and subtle hop character. As its name would suggest this is a bock style that traditionally makes a spring appearance in May as an celebration of a new brewing season.


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