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General Pippo's Porter

General Pippo's Porter Wine Details

Description: Deep toffee color with rich roasty and subtle hop aroma. Chocolate flavors dominate the palate and interact with back-end sweetness.

Varietal Definition
Porters are red-brown to black in color, medium to medium-full bodied, and characterized by a flavor profile that can vary from very subtle dark malts to fully roasted, smoky flavors. Being a centuries old style, there are differences of opinion with regard to what a "true" porter was actually like and there can be wide variations from one brewer’s interpretation to the next. Roasted malt should provide the flavoring character, rather than roasted barley as is used with stouts. Stronger, darker versions and lighter more delicate versions are equally valid manifestations of the style. The influence of hops can often be notable in the richer craft brewed examples of the style.


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