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Estate Müller-Thurgau

Estate Müller-Thurgau Wine Details

Description: Not since 1999 have we done a bottling of Müller-Thurgau. Slightly sweet, yet crisp and bracing, this wine is bursting with the intense floral and fruit aromas and flavors of jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom, mango and apricot. It is elegant and rich, yet a core of bright acidity and a touch of sparkling effervescence retained from the long, slow cold fermentation keep it lively and refreshing.

Varietal Definition
Early ripening cross officially developed from Sylvaner and Riesling, but some authorities now contend was actually from two clonal varieties of Riesling. Produces a flowery, yet acidic white wine that bears a modest resemblance to the parent Riesling grapewine. Widely planted in Europe, New Zealand and some parts of the cooler Northern regions of N. America. Known as Rivaner in parts of Europe.


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