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Garnacha Wine Details
Price: $18.00 per bottle

Description: Our Garnacha is reminiscent of the dense, spicy, Spanish red wines produced from this variety in its area of origin – Aragon . Due to minimal irrigation and severe pruning, its smaller berries and higher skin-to-juice ratio give it a deep color showing bright red hues with a tinge of blue. Subtle notes of pomegranate and cassis reveal themselves along with a slightly floral quality in the nose. Complex layers of strawberry and bright fruit combine in the palate for a delicious, lengthy finish. A medium-bodied wine, this Garnacha shows excellent balance, fresh acidity and bright flavors.

Varietal Definition
A strong grape variety for red wine, that well supports extreme heat. The grape has a thin skin with little pigment in it, which makes it very suitable for rosé. The red wines that are made of Garnacha can have a lack of colour. The grape is ripening slowly and thus may develop a high level of sugar. The wines of the Garnacha are characterised by a very fruity, almost sweet taste. You will detect blackberry and some pepper. In the vast wine surface of Spain, the garnacha is the most planted red wine variety. It is one of the ingredients of the famous Spanish wine Vega Sicilia.


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