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Skeleton Plant

Skeleton Plant Wine Details

Description: A slender upright perennial herb appears leafless and therefore its common name. The leaves are usually only at the base by flowering time with the upper leaves reduced to being scale-like. An erect plant, 10” - 24” tall, usually several stems, and sparsely branched, each branch terminating with a flower. The flower head, 1” - 2” in diameter, pink to lavender in color, is actually comprised of 8 - 12 true flowers each appearing as one petal. The ray flowers are square at the tip with 3 - 5 minute lobes. From the center of each rises another tube with a two-part style. Each flower head blooms separately and only lasts for a few hours. The L. texana is a member of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae) and the bloom period is from April to October.


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