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Der Keller

Der Keller Wine Details

Description: Sometime the events in the past come to light in the present in strange ways. This is true for the Fredericksburg Winery, which may now have the oldest barrel room in the State of Texas. In July of 1999, it was discovered the cellar (der Keller) used for our barrel storage and aging room had more history than originally thought. It (the cellar) was not built in 1967 when the rest of the building was constructed for the Knopp & Metzger Grocery Store. Instead, it was dug when the Künemann Hardware Store was rebuilt in 1923. The original Künemann Hardware Store was started by Henry and Elsie Dorothea Künemann, but what year, no one has been able to document. Later, two brothers, Arthur and Charles Künemann, bought the store from the remaining family heirs. When Charles passed away in 1945, Arthur bought his interest and operated the Künemann Hardware Store until it closed in 1957.


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