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Corderillas Wine Details

Description: On many old maps you will find the valley where the town of Fredericksburg is now located referred to as the Valley of the Corderillas. The range forming the Valley was known as the Corderillas Mountains (in Spanish “Corderillas” means mountain range). Today it is more commonly called the Pedernales Valley. The microclimate in the Valley is a result of its unique geographic features. Elevations range up to 2,250 feet above sea level and, at a distance of more than 200 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, weather is very moderate. Annual precipitation of 27.44 inches, low humidities, and no smog provide a growing season of approximately 219 days. This wine has many of the characteristics of a Rhine Wine - spicy in flavor, a crisp clean finish and a good does of fruit acidity on the palate.


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