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Baron's Bach Burgundy

Baron's Bach Burgundy Wine Details

Description: Baron's Creek (Baron's Bach in German) on the South and Town Creek on the North were the two natural boundaries of the town of Fredericksburg. The site was chosen by Baron Ottfried Hans von Meusebach, a naturalized citizen of Texas and the United States of America who later changed his name to John O. Meusebach. The settlers names Baron's Creek in his honor. In February, 1845, he succeeded Prince Solms as General Commissioner of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas. His academic and practical experience were in geology, natural science, jurisprudence, and national economics. He established a peace treaty with the Indians leading to a substantial trading relationship. Additionally, Meusebach served as State Senator, Justice of the Peace, Postmaster, and Notary of the Public before retiring from public service.

Varietal Definition
Earliest grape planted in 17th century in what is now the state of California. Thought to have arrived in the America's by Spanish conquistadores importation. Known to be identical with the Pais grape widely grown in Chile and thought to originate from the Monica grape of Spain and Sardinia.


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