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Hog Dog Winery

Hog Dog Winery he name is Hog Dog LLC. It was named in honor of my favorite canine buddy who is no longer with us. Hog Dog was a dog we rescued, and she was originally named "Tinkerbelle" by my daughter. Considering she was 1/2 Siberian Husky, 1/2 Yellow Lab and 1/2 German Shepard (yes I know that's 3 halves; I'm an accountant) she soon outgrew the name Tinkerbelle. One Black Friday morning we woke up to find that she had consumed 3 packages of buns and didn't miss a morsel. She was also pretty bright. At least smarter than me. She had me very well trained. If I would go outside she would stand at the door and when I came back in she would get a biscuit. The last 3 or 4 years of her life I worked out of the house. She followed me everywhere. My story is much simpler. I've been making wine for 40 years. I still make wine in 6 gallon batches. I get juice from California, Chile and also the Lake Erie region. My specialty is Fruit Wine. My 2 favorites are Banana and Tomato wine. They are not available elsewhere in Pittsburgh, to the best of my knowledge


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3500 Spring Garden Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15212 Email:
Phone: 724-859-6486 Web:
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