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Belmont Farm Distillery

Belmont Farm Distillery Belmont Farm was an old English Land Grant in 1836. During the Civil War, Belmont Farm was occupied by the North and was involved in the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Nearly 3,000 soldiers were killed in one day. Upon the North's departure, the main house was burned to the ground. During the great Depression a tenant house was built on the property that lasted until 1975 when it was replaced with the present brick Colonial home. Belmont Farm, today, consists of 195 acres of estate grown corn, wheat and barley, which is used to produce our fine whiskey. Also, produced on the farm is hay for the cattle and horses.


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13490 Cedar Run Road, Culpeper, VA, US, 22701 Email:
Phone: 540-825-3207 Web:
Fax: 540-825-5418
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  Kopper Kettle Virginian Whiskey
Kopper Kettle is a triple grain whiskey, double wood, and twice distilled. The Virginia Whiskey is first produced with grain grown on our farm (the only distillery in the U.S. that grows its own grain). It is a secret formula of corn, wheat, and barley and is mashed and fermented in our all copper fermentation tanks. Then, at just the right time, it is double distilled in our unique potstill. Our Virginia Whiskey, "Kopper Kettle," never sees any modern methods, i.e. column still. Only a potstill can preserve the taste and aroma required for this unique product. Kopper Kettle is then charcoal filtered and presoaked with oak and apple wood chips before it is aged in barrels for two years. Before bottling, the barrels are hand selected in three barrel batches to preserve its uniqueness. Kopper Kettle is definitely a next generation Whiskey.
  The Original Moonshine Clear Corn Whiskey
Original MOONSHINE ® Clear Corn Whiskey is hand-crafted from 100% estate-grown corn and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still – in the same authentic tradition that moonshine has been made for hundreds of years. At 80 proof, our all-natural, gluten-free proprietary recipe is charcoal-filtered for the highest purity, quality and taste. A truly versatile spirit, 'Shine can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks and in a wide range of mixed cocktails.
  Virginia Lightning
Virginia Lightning Whiskey is a home grown beverage. It is produced in an American tradition, using our old family recipe. The corn for the whiskey is grown on our family farm and stored exclusively for use in the production of our fine whiskey. Each batch is processed, fermented and distilled under the watchful eye of distiller, Chuck Miller, using his original secret family recipe. Quality and care go into every batch to insure a timely delivery of fresh corn whiskey. It is with great pride that we present our traditional American beverage.


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