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Don Quixote Distillery and Winery

Don Quixote Distillery and Winery Don Quixote Distillery was established in 2005 as New Mexico’s first and only fully licensed and bonded distillery specializing in premium grape, fruit, and grain based spirits made from New Mexico agricultural products. In addition to manufacturing distilled spirits, the fully licensed and bonded Don Quixote Winery was also established in 2005. Don Quixote Winery specializes in port- and table-style wines. Headquartered in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Don Quixote Distillery and Winery operate as subsidiaries of Dolin Distillery Incorporated. Don Quixote Distillery manufactures spirits under the trade names “Don Quixote” and “Spirit of Santa Fe”. Wine is produced under the trade names “Don Quixote” and “Manhattan Project”.

We are located on State Road 4 near Bandelier National Monument.Just a few minutes from the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory Museum we are 35 miles from Santa Fe and 19 miles from Pojoaque.

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State Road 4, Los Alamos, NM, US, 87544 Email:
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  Blue Corn Vodka
New Mexico’s ancient Anasazi Indians grew the mystical blue corn for its uniquely sweet taste. Blue Corn is the sweetest of the four corns. The corn’s natural sweetness is gently captured through first our whole kernel fermentation using malted grain that is not cooked. Second, our slow even pot distillation at high elevation results in a milky, slightly sweet vodka like no others. We are very proud to have accomplished something that has not been done in the Spirits world in quite some time...created a new spirits genre. In addition to being a truly New Mexico product, our Blue Corn Vodka redefines what a vodka should be. No longer confined to cocktails, this silky sweet spirit was made for sipping. Our production process is as unique as is our use of blue corn and natural enzymes. We use organically grown blue corn that we malt by hand and then distill in a pot-style Alembic still to preserve the silky smoothness and soft aroma the magical blue corn provides.
  Don Quixote Blue Corn Bourbon
While every bourbon is a whiskey not all whiskeys can be bourbon. In order to become a bourbon, the whiskey must satisfy five conditions. First, the whiskey has to be made in America. Second, the whiskey has to be distilled from a mash that is at least 55% corn. Third, the whiskey has to be aged in a new American Oak barrel. Fourth, the barrel has to charred on the inside, and fifth, the whiskey has to be aged a minimum of three years. Don Quixote Blue Corn Bourbon is made from 75% New Mexico organic blue corn, 23% wheat and 2% barley. Unlike most distillers, we use only whole grains naturally malted and never cooked. This requires a slow gentle mashing process that must be carefully monitored but the result is an unmistakably smooth and balanced spirit like no others. The blue corn provides many advantages to a distiller that other corns cannot match....the least of which is that the New Mexico blue corn is magical. If you don't believe me, consult ancient lore...because the ancients never told tales.
  Don Quixote Qalvados
From the apple orchards of the Rio Grande valley, Don Quixote Qalvados is a supple brandy barrel aged in French oak. Several apple varieties are fermented into a sweet cider, which is then distilled in a cognac style copper pot still. In the tradition of George Washington, our nation’s first premier distiller whose Apple Brandy was renowned throughout the thirteen colonies, Don Quixote Qalvados is a special treat for those who demand quality craftsmanship and who desire something beyond the routine.
  Manhattan Project Merlot
Bold, slightly sweet Merlot bursting with fresh fruit flavor. Unaged to preserve fruit flavor. Serve at room temperature
  Manhattan Project Red
Dry but slightly sweet red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Unaged to preserve fruit flavor. Serve at room temperature.
  Manhattan Project White
Crisp, slightly sweet white wine made from French Colombard grapes. Unaged to preserve fruit flavor. Serve chilled.
Pisco is a style of brandy named after a city in Peru much like Port style wine is named after a city in Portugal. The origins of Pisco style brandy probably go all the way back to the Moors who brought distilling to the Iberian Peninsula. It was Spanish missionaries who brought this brandy style to America. In New Mexico, Pisco was first made from native Mission/Muscat grapes in the early 1600s and used as a base for Angelica dessert wine. Today, Muscat grapes are the standard. The two predominate styles of Pisco are loosely referred to as Peruvian and Chilean styles. While both countries proudly claim Pisco as their national drink the World Court has yet to decide which if any rightfully can. Peruvian Pisco is unaged while Chilean Pisco is aged in oak 2 years. Don Quixote Pisqo is aged in French oak but bottled while the youthful brandy still possesses fruity overtones.
  Spirit of Santa Brandy
Spirit of Santa Brandy is a mysteriously charming blend of New Mexico grown grapes and orchard fruits mixed to capture the unique complexity of the City Different. This richly colored, slight sweet brandy is smooth on the tongue and easy on throat while being the perfet after dinner spirit.
  Spirit of Santa Fe Vodka
Like the artist and craftsmen who make Santa Fe special, our Spirit of Santa Fe Vodka is made using old world artisan craftsmanship. We following a Eastern European recipe that has been handed down through our Master Distiller’s family for generations. This is a traditional vodka is made from Mew Mexico wheat that is malted by hand. We ferment using uncooked whole grain and distill in a stainless steel Reflux-style still designed specifically to work at our high elevation to minimize taste, texture, and aroma.


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