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Liquid Alchemy Beverages

Liquid Alchemy Beverages This past year was an inspirational year. Beginning in 2012 the inspiration was more a food truck than anything else. Terri's dream of owning her own business was seeming to take the shape of four wheels and a lot of stainless steel, but the recipes were unknown. Then came October 11th. After a leisurely eight hour overnight drive, Jeff and Terri arrived in Portland, Maine at about 3 A.M. We proceeded to bundle up in the car on a quiet side street, catch a few hours of sleep and be up with the sun. Hungry and tired, we stumbled across the Good Egg Café in Portland. After ordering breakfast Jeff noticed a chalkboard on the wall with craft beers which we love to sample. At the bottom in purple chalk were the words “lavender lemonade mead”. One little taste changed our whole lives and as crazy as it sounds, it may change yours…. or at the very least, change the way you enjoy your beverages. We ordered two glasses of mead, toasted each other, and within hours had ordered a mead recipe book and purchased an inspirational glass (BEE HAPPY). Four days later we purchased several types of Maine honey. After some aggressive research we found that the Northeast section of the country is significantly under-supplied with this amazing beverage. We hope to fix this problem!!!


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