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Up North Distillery

Up North Distillery Interest in starting a distillery was sparked from a few different places and times for our team members. Some started off interested in making some great tasting "shine" from various local sources, and others were enthralled by distilling while spending time in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Since it's illegal in the US to possess a still and distill any alcohol, we didn't spend years perfecting the craft and testing out different recipes in a secret garage location away from prying eyes. We didn't build our own still from beer barrels and copper pipe since the revenuers frown on that type of activity. The story we tell is the team met while taking an advanced distilling class, at a legal distillery none the less, and from that point started building out the dream of opening a distillery that would allow them to provide their quality product to the world. So for the past 2 years it's been fun finding a location, equipment, and remodeling to create an environment that is relaxed, comfortable, and of course, supplied with quality spirits.


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846 N. Boulder Court, Post Falls, ID, US, 83854 Email:
Phone: 208-773-4445 Web:
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