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Reverie Brewing Company

Reverie Brewing Company Reverie Brewing Company’s vision is to create and promote high-quality great tasting beer for beer lovers to enjoy. We strive to be a positive and honest partner to the community and to brew craft beers with integrity while focusing on sustainability.


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57B Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT, US, 06470 Email:
Phone: 203-270-1659 Web:
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Simply a "Clone" of an American classic, this American Pale Ale is crisp and clean with a noteworthy hoppy bite. The subtle malt background balances out the refreshing ale.
  Dinkey Wheat
Named for the train that used to run from downtown Ames to the ISU Campus, the Dinkey Wheat has a flavor derived from coriander, chamomile, and orange peel, making for a unique drinking experience.
This classic American Lager is very easy drinking, with slight malt sweetness and restrained hop flavor and aroma. This refreshing "anytime beer" finishes clean with no aftertaste.
  Long Face
A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Why the long face?" An all around easy drinking, tasty beverage with malt and notable caramel flavors balanced by several American hop varieties.
  Off KILTer
This traditional Scottish Ale has a subdued hop flavor and aroma with a high in malt flavor. Our brew master actually wears a kilt while brewing this ale to achieve maximum Scottish feel and tradition.


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