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Square One Brewery and Distillery

Square One Brewery and Distillery Since opening our doors in February of 2006 we have dedicated ourselves to brewing exceptional beers for your enjoyment. Square One announces that we are fully licensed to distill our own spirits and have joined in on a growing trend in the US and around the world. At present there are well over 100 micro distilleries in the United State and this number is growing. The possibilities for flavor combinations are endless. Like our craft beer with an emphasis on small batches, quality ingredients and attention to detail, we will look forward to making fine tasting spirits for you to enjoy.


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1727 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO, US, 63104 Email:
Phone: 314-231-2537 Web:
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  Americanized Belgian Pale
This American style Pale Ale features our exclusive use of Summit hops. Their citrus flavor & aroma compliments the spiciness created by the use of this special yeast from the Ardennes Forest region of Belgium.
  Barley Wine
Considered the Port Wine of the brewing world, this beer is assertive in every aspect. This matures and changes with time, offering a rich complexity, not usually associated with beer. Many commercial products are even vintage dated to help manage stock.
  California Common
This is our tribute to Anchor Brewery's flagship brand. It has a deep amber color and rich malt palate which is balanced with signature American variety hops. Although this is a lager, it is brewed at slightly warmer temperatures which produces a modest amount of fruitiness in the finish.
  Dunkel Weizen
Wheat malt sweetness & chocolate malt roastiness are balanced with a subdued clove & banana flavor and aroma in this dark copper German classic.
  Front Range
Some of the best beers are brewed along the front range of the Rockies in Colorado. This pale ale is a tribute to Colorado's front range and the pioneers of the micro brewing industry.
  Imperial Stout
As with our Imperial I.P.A., we began with Augusta's Hyde Park Stout and brewed it as if you, our guests, were the Romanov Royal family. Bitterness, malt-roastiness & warmth best describes this beer.
  Light Squared
This golden ale is a great bridge beer introducing our guests to the world of microbrewed beer. Don’t let its light color deceive you, this beer has great malt and hop complexity and is extremely refreshing and drinkable (even our hops come from three different countries)!
Originating in the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic, within 4 years of its origination it was being brewed virtually world wide. Slow laagering at very cold temperatures produces this very drinkable Czech classic. We have attempted to stay very true to the style by using a strain of lager yeast from the Czech Republic, where our Saaz hops were harvested as well.
Flavor and aroma dominate in this ale. Our Porter has a large amount of toasted & caramelized malt, balanced with a refreshing hop finish. The Scots were right ~ "Beef steaks & Porter make good belly mortar!"
This dark amber ale hailing from Belgium is unfiltered. With a mild fruitiness and clove spiciness similar to the Weizen, this beer is dryer with a tart finish.
  Scotch Ale
Our single malt Scotch Ale is truly a big beer! We use one variety of malt, a portion of which was smoked at our brewery. It has a rich caramel and toffee fullness, balanced by a mild hop bitterness.
  Spirits of St. Louis Vodka
  Square One Rum
  Square One Wit
Our unfiltered Belgian wheat ale is spiced with a perfect blend of orange peel & ginger.


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