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Snake River Brewing Company

Snake River Brewing Company At the Snake River Brewing Company, we think it's far easier to produce a million barrels of so-so beer than one barrel of great beer. So, here in Jackson Hole, we only produce about 4,500 barrels of award-winning beer per year. We operate a 15 barrel, steam fired brew house and hand craft our lagers and ales using several yeast strains along with hops and grains from the United States, British Isles and Europe.


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265 S. Millward, Jackson, WY, US, 83001 Email:
Phone: 307-739-2337 Web:
Fax: 307-739-2296
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  Bald Eagle Bock
Our Bock is brewed with large amounts of caramel 150L and pale malt. Also added are imported German Munich 9L, Vienna malt and chocolate malts that create a deep, rich mahogany color. Hopping with Saaz and German Hallertau balance out the pronounced sweetness and create a strong beer with a clean finish.
  Discombobulator Maibock
Our Discombobulator Maibock is made using a traditional German brewing technique known as decoction mashing. This technique emphasizes the malty characteristics of the barley and results in a complexity of flavors unachievable by the standard infusion mash.
  Double Fistin’ IPA
Double Fistin’ IPA is an imperial IPA fashioned after the new Northwest heavily hopped, strong IPAs. Unique in the U.S. this beer contains large amounts of northwest hops imparting a bitter and flowery aromatic flavor.
  Jackson's ESB
ESB, short for Extra Special Bitter, is an English style ale characterized by a rich caramel malt flavor and assertive hopiness. Also unique in its flavor is an imported English yeast that imparts fruity undertones. Our ESB is classically brewed using 2 row Pale, Munich and caramel malts. It is hopped using American and European varieties including East Kent Goldings and Cascade.
  McBreezley’s Brown Ale
Our McBreezley’s Ale is an American Brown Ale in style, but owes it’s origin to the Celtic roots of Grandpa McBreezley’s home-brews. Whether it’s been a long day of skiing, hiking, or just working the daily grind, the thirsty patrons of Jackson Hole deserve a hearty draught as well. This is a dark ale, rich in chocolate maltiness, but pleasantly balanced with a strong hop bitterness and aroma.
  Monkey’s Dunkel
This is a traditional Munchener Dunkel (Dark Munich) style Bier, fashioned after the original lagers of Europe before the advent of Pale Biers. Dunkels still enjoy great popularity in Bavaria and for good reason. Their nutty and toasty maltiness is neither too sweet nor overly roasty, making for a Bier that is satisfying and very drinkable. The use of Munich malt as a base gives this beer its dark brown color and unique malty aroma and flavor. German hops give this beer a subtle earthy undertone with a clean finish. Monkey’s Dunkel is the brainchild of our brewer Cory Buenning, whose love for traditional styled lagers is very apparent in this brew.
  OB-1 Organic Ale
OB-1 Organic Ale is a federally certified, organic UK style amber ale. Snake River Brewing proud to be the first and only brewery to be making certified organics in the state of Wyoming.
  Powder 8 Porter
Snake River’s Powder 8 Porter is made with Caramel, Carapils, Carafa 1, and Chocolate malts. Fermented with an imported English yeast and hopped with East Kent Goldings, Liberty and Columbus
  Zonker Stout
A rich, well-balanced foreign style stout with a huge amount of roasted barley as well as chocolate, black, and caramel malts. Hopping with Columbus, Tettnang and East Kent Goldings gives it a mild bitterness and smooth finish. The opening Plato is 16.0 and the beer ferments to an ending Plato of 4.5. The alcohol content is 6.0% by volume.


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