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South Coast Winery

South Coast Winery At South Coast Winery it all starts with soil, sun and water. Grapes that go into award-winning South Coast Winery wines are grown in Temecula and in the South Coast appellation. South Coast wines are blends and unique varietal selections that offer the discriminating wine drinker, as well as the novice, wines that have mass appeal. Our Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyard selections are only red varietals and are excellent for aging and collecting.


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34843 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA, US, 92591 Email:
Phone: 951-587-9463 Web:
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  Elevation Merlot
Produced from grapes grown high on a mountain-side, this is a big Merlot, full of robust character. A touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot give this wine dimension and personality.
  Elevation Sauvignon Blanc
A hint of Semillon rounds out this wine and helps to balance the grassy nature of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and clean finishing, it is the perfect balance of fruit and dryness. Rated “Wine of the Week” by Dan Berger in June of 2005.
  Elevation Syrah
A bit of Grenache adds a wonderful dimension of aroma in the blend, while adding a lingering floral note and flavor to this wine that highlights the berry fruit and subtle earthy nature of Syrah.
  Ruby Cuvee
Ruby Cuvee is all about bringing out the berry-fruit character of Syrah. Sweet, tart finish with supple tannins are lifted by the tiny bubbles while the finishing dosage gives a light sweetness and balance. Syrah is the key grape of the Rhone Valley of France - also known in Australia as Shiraz. Typically full, rich wines with intense color and flavor, as demonstrated in our Sparkling Ruby
  South Coast Reserve Chardonnay
Toasty oak with hints of sweet vanilla round out the tropical aromas, and the fresh apple flavors take on a spicy, baked apple pie character.
  South Coast Winery Black Jack Port
A blend of 85% Zinfandel, 10% Alicante Bouschet and 5% Malbec. This blend reflects the rich berry fruit and nutty aromas, along with the silky finish that only these styles of wine possess.
  South Coast Winery Brut Sparkling Wine
Elevate any ordinary situation to a special occasion with this refreshingly crisp blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Celebrate life with South Coast's first Sparkling wine.
  South Coast Winery Cabernet Rosé
Crafted to please the novice as well as the serious wine drinker, this wine reflects the robust nature of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its vibrant color, rich aromas and intense character make it the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.
  South Coast Winery Chardonnay Sans Chêne
Our Chardonnay Sans Chêne (without oak) is brimming with tropical fruit aromas, luscious flavors and a crisp finish, this is a wine to enjoy any time.
  South Coast Winery Gewurztraminer
It is lightly sweet, rose-scented and comes with exotically fruity flavors.
  South Coast Winery Merlot
Rich dark fruit character and toasty hints of French oak are balanced and understated. This elegant wine highlights Merlot’s lush drinkable nature.
  South Coast Winery Merlot Rosé
This Merlot Rosé is a deviation from the usual Merlot found in a bottle; our Rosé is not dry and tannic, nor is it deep red. This Rosé is loaded with sweet-tart cranberry, strawberry and blueberry character. A touch of sweetness lifts the character and rounds the edges: Making this wine a pleasure to drink from the moment the cork is pulled. So cut loose and enjoy something different, the thrill-seeker in you deserves a drink!
  South Coast Winery Muscat Canelli
Known for its uniquely spicy and aromatic "grape" character, Muscat Canelli is one of the oldest cultivated varieties dating back to the ancient Greeks. Typically, Muscat Canelli is finished with varying levels of residual sugar to balance with the sweet fruit aromas that are characteristic of the variety. Our 2003 vintage has a wonderful character and dynamite fruit flavors which may cause you to wax poetically and ponder those deep philosophical questions. Enjoy this wine with fruit and cheeses, spicy Indian curries or that special someone.
  South Coast Winery Pinot Grigio
Our Valley highlights the finer traits of Pinot Grigio: ripe pear and lemon peel twists in the aroma and crisp apple acidity in the finish.
  South Coast Winery Riesling
Harvested from Wickets, Tuscanny and McKay Vineyards on September 15, 2005. Riesling is one of the most revered and loved grape varieties of Germany. The many different styles of Riesling demonstrate the flexible nature of wines made from this variety. Ranging from bone dry to syrupy sweet, the rich, tropical fruit and spicy aromas work well with the ever present crisp acidity. Our Riesling strikes the perfect balance between dry and sweet. This is a great wine to relax and unwind with or to enjoy with spicy cuisine. After all, flexibility is the key to any successful operation.
  South Coast Winery Syrah
Syrah is very suited to the territory of Temecula. Hints of Grenache and lush dark berry character is right in step with the warm woody aromas of French oak. This is a very harmonious wine. Experience the Rhone Valley from a Southern California perspective.
  South Coast Winery Viognier
Many people find that their love for Chardonnay is compromised once they try Viognier. It is a varietal with an assertive, aromatic peach and nectarine bouquet, not to mention it's rich velvety finish. This vintage of Viognier has a nice oak complexity from aging in new French oak for five months. As an exciting alternative to many mainstream white wines, it is no surprise that today Viognier is being touted as the varietal to watch (and taste).
  South Coast Winery Zinfandel
Harvested from the Victoria Block of Lopez Ranch, this vineyard and the wines it produces are very consistent and luscious. The 2003 is rich in strawberry, blackberry and cherry aromas, with hints of prune and plum. The American oak has wrapped itself around the fruit character with soft smokey note and given a very solid structure for tannins to build upon. Dark chocolate and caramel covered cherries, plum jam, a touch of bay leaf and black pepper are all flavors that come forth in this complex wine. The 2003 Zinfandel has the potential for aging is over the next five to six years. A nice steak, like a New York Strip, would be the perfect way to reunite the east coast with this long since west coast transplant.
  South Coast Winery, Rolling Hills Estate Syrah
Southern California's Temecula Valley is often compared to the Rhone Valley of France. Similar climatic conditions are the shared feature that makes both the Rhone and Temecula wonderfully unique growing regions for Syrah.
  Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet makes a statement. Lush fruit, concentrated oak aromas and wonderful textures on the palate. This is a wine that has great aging potential.
  Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyard Merlot
Our first release of Merlot from our estate vineyards at Wild Horse Peak. This is a big, intense Merlot, with rich, smoky blueberry aromas and well structured tannins.
  Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyard Sangiovese
Where horse thieves and renegades once sough trefuge, vines now flourish in the rolling mountain vineyards of Wild Horse Peak. The overwhelming red clay soil, granitic outcroppings, and steep terrain coupled with outstanding climatic conditions define the ultimate winegrowing conditions of Southern California. The character of the South Coast Winery 2004 vintage of Sangiovese is reflective of its Italian origins as a varietal. This Sangiovese is a deep pyrope garnet color, with hints of fennel and candied cherry fruit in the aroma. The body is round, and the tight laced tannins meld with the crisp acid structure. This wine was aged for seventeen months in a combination of French, Russian and Hungarian oak, which gives the luscious fruit character a balance of sandalwood and smokey vanilla spice that begs a second sip. This is a Sangiovese that will work well with anything off the grill--salmon, pork, chicken and beef.


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