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RPM Brewing

RPM Brewing When the rest of the craft brew world is chasing absurdly higher hop content, lip-curling sours, double this and triple that… who’s left to serve ice cold suds to the everyman? To the guy who just wants to unwind from a long day busting knuckles, turning wrenches and explaining why you can’t just “get by” without a catalytic converter? At RPM, we’re about great beer which may have started in a Draper Pub—but it’s true spirit was born on the track. Our beers havebeen designed and built to provide people an arm-waving, pointscomparing, horsepower-salivating, cockpit-tech-geeking-out experience. We brew beers that celebrate racing: the fans, the cars, the drivers and the crews. This means beers that taste amazing and keep the conversation going; not being bogged with 9.5% stouts that leave you calling for a cab after 30 minutes and two rounds. We brew surprisingly great 4% ABV beers. Other people call them “session” beers, which actually makes sense to us. We want more sessions with our friends, our kids, our wives, husbands, dads and uncles. We want to sit for 4 hours and enjoy a race—from green to checkered flag.


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2020 West Industrial, Salt Lake City, UT, US, 84104 Email:
Phone: 801-456-0347 Web:
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