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Distilled Resources

Distilled Resources Distilled Resources Inc. (DRinc) is a full service beverage grade custom alcohol distillery. The company distills neutral spirits from Idaho russet potatoes, organic grains, and Idaho winter wheat and corn for use in award winning vodkas, liqueurs, and other specialty spirits. DRinc offers full production, blending, and bottling services for our brand building customers as well as brand development consulting.


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9053 SE Anstis Place, Ketchum, ID, US, 83340 Email:
Phone: 208-754-0042 Web:
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  Blue Ice American Vodka
Blue Ice American Vodka is distilled in Rigby, Idaho by Distilled Resources. The vodka is clean and earthy and a great example of a well-made potato vodka. One of the reasons this particular potato-based spirit is so good is because it starts as some of the best grown potatoes in the world, the Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes which Idaho is famous for. As most distillers know, when you start with the best, you end up with the best and such is the case for Blue Ice American Vodka.


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