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Sin City Brewing Co. - Planet Hollywood

Sin City Brewing Co. - Planet Hollywood Sin City Brewing Co. is a Las Vegas-based microbrewery launched by long-time Gordon Biersch Director of Brewing Operations Richard Johnson. Produced to satisfy both the microbrew savvy drinker and those with a preference for a traditional domestic style beer, Sin City beers accentuate the indulgent nature of Las Vegas. The beers are brewed in small batches (100 kegs at a time) using traditional methods, premium raw materials and a strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 German beer purity law that differentiates Sin City beers from the big guys. Sin City beers are brewed and distributed exclusively in Las Vegas. Sin City Brewing Co. also features a popular retail line that is available through its online store and its branded microbrew bars at Miracle Mile Shops, The Grand Canal Shoppes, Harmon Corner, and Grand Bazaar Shops on the Las Vegas Strip.


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3663 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV, US, 89109 Email:
Phone: 702-732-1142 Web:
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  Sin City Amber
Full-bodied and proud, this amber hued lager may be an Oktoberfest-style beer, but it is available to be enjoyed year round. A robust micro-brewed lager made with imported and specialty malts, Sin City Amber balances a full-bodied malt character with imported German Hallertauer hops. 5.7% alcohol by volume!
  Sin City Light
Refreshing and crisp, Sin City Light will appeal to both domestic beer drinkers as well as imported light beer aficionados. A premium product micro-brewed with imported malted barley, it is lightly hopped with a satisfying CO2 bite!
  Sin City Stout
A traditional Irish Dry Stout, it is a full, richly flavored beer with a roasted, coffee-like taste and a hint of chocolate, balanced with an abundant hop profile that delivers a satisfying dry finish. A thick creamy head rests on top and holds the rich roasted aromatic qualities in the glass. This is truly the darker side of sin!
  Sin City Weisse
What’s Las Vegas without a little vice? Our traditional German Hefeweizen, Sin City Weisse, is an unfiltered, straw-colored wheat beer with a low hop profile that features a distinct clove aroma and citrus undertones. Originally a summer brew at 4.5% alcohol by volume, it’s a perfect fit for our Las Vegas climate.


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