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Founding Spirits Distillery

Founding Spirits Distillery Founding Spirits continues the collective mission of Farmers Restaurant Group to “unbundle the industrial supply chain.” We’re turning grains and water into alcohol for the same reason we bake our own bread and churn our own butter. It all amounts to “distilling” in our eyes. We are using our culinary know-how to make everything we can from scratch, even our booze. At Founding Spirits, we start with North Dakota and Virginia grains from farmers we know, like Mark & Michelle Watne of Watne Farms and the late Billy Dawson’s team at Bay’s Best Feed. Over the years, we have been gradually increasing the breadth of our scratch-made beverages, beginning with our collaboration with Copper Fox Distillery, Macchu Pisco in Peru, and two different vintners to create a line of proprietary beverages — including our Founding Farmers Rye Whisky, Gin, and Pisco, as well as our New York Vines White, and Virginia Vines Rosé. Founding Spirits is our evolution into a full time, in-house operation. Inspired by our founding fathers and mothers, especially founding farmer and distiller George Washington, we are harnessing what Jon learned from his worldly travels studying the ins and outs of distillation from Europe to South America, and what Bob has been learning as he works with other distillers and our very own custom-built still. Every day, we’re continuing to up our game, tweak recipes, and challenge ourselves to produce the best spirits we can, using the best ingredients we can source. We invite you to come on by to taste what we’re distilling, take a tour, or just belly up to our bar at Farmers & Distillers and order one of our many craft cocktails.


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