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Vynecrest Winery

Vynecrest Winery Established in 1989, the Landis Family takes pride in the creation of premium table wines. The only source for our estate-bottled wines are from the hand-picked grapes from our vineyard (1974). The tasting room is housed in a 19th century restored barn --providing a spectacular vineyard view and warm, friendly atmosphere. Hours: Thursday - Sunday 11- 5.

Seven miles west of Allentown, take I-78/22 to Rt. 100 South, exit 49A. At second traffic light turn right on Schantz Rd. Continue 1.6 miles on Schantz Rd. to Arrowhead Lane. Turn right. Winery is on left in Red Barn. Follow the blue Vynecrest signs.

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172 Arrowhead Lane, Breinigsville, PA, US, 18031 Email:
Phone: 800-361-0725 Web:
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  Autumn Gold
Always a favorite, this blend produces a fruity forward nose and clean finish. Good with fruit, cheese and desserts.
  Cabernet Franc
Lighter than its Cab Sauvignon relative, it is dry, oak-aged with cherry aromas and a soft, smooth lingering finish.
This full-bodied red wine has been ages in Pennsylvania oak. With hints of cherry and blackberry, it has a soft, velvety finish.
  Cherry DiVyne
Made from 100% fresh PA sour cherries, this sweet, rich, full-bodied wine has a hint of almond and pairs well with chocolate -every wine lover's delight!
  DiVyne Red
Made from the all-American grape, Concord, this wine is meant to be enjoyed not studied. Sweet and fun, serve slightly chilled.
  Estate Reserve Red
sold outpremium, full-bodied
  First Blush
A blend of red and white grapes, similar to a white Zin, this wine exudes an elegant body with a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy chilled.
  Late Harvest Vignoles
This sweet dessert wine combines the floral aromas of Vignoles with ripe fruit flavors and a long luscious finish - serve chilled.
Our Flagship Wine, this full-bodied dry red vinifera commands your attention with big, bold flavors and rich tannic finish.
A Native-American grape, this sweet, fruity wine is perfect for entertaining or just relaxing at home.
  Nouveau Beaujolais
Our Gamay Beaujolais is a light, fresh, fruity, dry red wine excellent with holiday food. Supplies are limited!
  Pinot Blanc
Dry, oak-aged wine combines pear and apple overtures with a smooth, rich, vanilla finish.
  Pinot Noir
Medium-bodied old-world classic with an enticing bouquet finishing with subtle earthy undertones.
This classic German wine reveals a flowery nose and a soft finish with a hint of melon.
  Seyval Blanc
Dry, crisp, clean white wine from this premier grape.
  Spiced Winter Red
Our popular winter wine made in the style of the traditional German Glühwein. great served warm.
  Summertime Red
Sweet and fruity "porch-sipping," sangria-style wine.
Medium-bodied dry red crafted from this classic French grape. Finished in PA oak, it balances intense ripe berry fruit with subtle tannins.
Dry, Alsation-style Gewürztraminer varietal, this wine is flowery with a hint of spice.
White semi-sweet table wine made from this French grape known for a fruity aroma and elegant finish.
  Vynecrest Red
Light, pleasant, soft semi-sweet blend crafted in the mold of a Chianti. Our "house" red, that complements everyday meals.
  Vynecrest White
A blend featuring both the Traminette and Cayuga grapes, this versatile, semi-sweet German dinner wine completes any meal.


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