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Wines of the San Juan

Wines of the San Juan The tasting room of Wines of the San Juan is nestled in the heart of the San Juan River Valley in the beautiful Four Corners region of northwestern New Mexico. The worldclass tailwater fishery on the San Juan River below Navajo Dam provides a year-round, unequaled trophy trout habitat. Fly fishers know this quality water as a fishing paradise. A high desert setting at 5,600 ft. with long sunny days, cool nights, and deep sandy clay soil is the combination providing a unique microclimate for producing rich and fruity wines. Come visit and explore the territory.

Taste and experience our New Mexican wines in the rustic tasting room located 6 miles below Navajo Lake State Park on Hwy 511 at Turley.

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233 Hwy 511, Blanco, NM, US, 87412 Email:
Phone: 505-632-0879 Web:
Fax: 505-632-8709
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  "Christmas" Port
The lush nectar-like sweetness of this fortified wine, celebrates a special festive occasion remembered in an old-fashioned Christmas gathering. An invitation for family and close friends to linger longer, this Port, made in the traditional Portuguese style, compliments an array of chocolate and coffee deserts, or just a wedge of classic Stilton cheese and toasted almonds - a long finish to quiet conversation.
  Blanco Rojo
slightly dry, Burgundy-style dinner wine; expressive fruitiness of blackberry jam and pomegranate. Pairs well with spaghetti, spicy sausage and black bean stew or any southwest dish with intense taste. Yummy with dark chocolate!
  Blue Winged Olive
a sweet-tart crunch of tart apples, sweet pears and white peaches with a hint of juniper berry stirred into mineral water. A highly flexible wine, flattering smoked salmon and trout on your fly-fishing adventure.. Compliment a holiday ham or roast turkey and stuffing! Great with cheese.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
hearty, ripe cherry currant character; peacefully aged in oak to a round and oaky jolt. A great choice when grilling steaks; robust with a meal of beef or wild game. Pair with aged nutty cheeses, walnuts and pecans. Cabernet slips in elegantly with any dessert of deep chocolate.
light golden Delicious apple/pear taste; slight oakiness. Great with an array of appetizers, richer seafood, poultry dishes; simple veal and pork entrees. Nutty cheeses are a good choice: Swiss, Brie or Parmesan.
a fruit salad in a glass! Slightly sweet & spicy, this girlfriend is great with Thai/Chinese food, BBQ, any sweet-sour tubbing, lunching, toasting, hammock choose, it doesn't get any better than this!
A 2001 Red Zinfandel, dry, yet softly finished with the character of raspberry jam & rhubarb, oak and black pepper. Compliments smoky grilled meats, salmon, Latin-Hispanic dishes: a serious partner in any company.
a bright cherry/boysenberry- plum character,smokey hint of herb. Pairs well with roasted garlic recipes, or a main course of beef, lamb, pork or salmon. Cooking with Merlot mirrors the wine to the food, complimenting one another. Sip with snacks of smoked Gouda and sharp cheddar.
intensely exotic aroma of peachy-apricot & honeysuckle with a hint of vanilla. Whether enjoying with freshly roasted green chilies or relaxing at the end of the day, this wine makes a special treat.. an excellent dessert.
  Pale Morning Dun
crisp bright bouquet of citrus, passion fruit and honeydew. A great brunch companion with freshly baked breads and omelets... simple pleasures at daybreak! Good porch-sipping or picnic wine.
  Sauvignon Blanc
delicate and fruity, grassy melon and figgy gooseberry. Balance with foods that are aromic and spicier than most. Fresh herbs added to the dish compliments the natural herbal quality of the wine. Good with salads, soups, green vegies and pizza. Cheeses: Swiss, feta and mozzarella
  Sweet Jenner Rose
easy-drinking country wine; sprightly cherry fruit personality. Slides easily onto the table with Italian pasta dishes. This fun, sweet red wine is best served cold surrounded by laughter in a friendly and undemanding manner.
  White Zinfandel
bright and racy, strawberry fruit character. Partners well with grilled meats and saltier dishes/spicier foods in Latin/Hispanic styles. Excellent with peppered goat cheese or fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate! Delightful picnic wine...


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