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Weathervane Winery

Weathervane Winery We have developed 12 great wines now available for the North Carolina market! Each of our wines are hand made! Nothing is mass produced. No filtering, no huge storage tanks for aging. Everything is done by hand assuring that each bottle has the best taste! This method of wine making is one that has been proven over centuries. Weathervane Winery gets its name because of the huge influence the weather has on wine production. From grape development, to the final phase of fermentation, weather is key to great taste! More detail coming soon so be sure to stop by again!


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1452 Welcome Arcadia Road, Lexington, NC, US, 27295 Email:
Phone: 336-701-5235 Web:
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Check out this white blend offering honey and oak flavors coupled with the buttery texture of Chardonnay. Great with fish and poultry.
  Evening Breeze
Fruity Riesling dry wine made from German grapes. This is a very smooth white wine great for an evening night cap or with a meal.
  Grand Vieux Chateau du Roi
This big red wine offers a great berry & cherry aroma. Made in the style of Chateau Neuf-du-Pape. Gold medal winner in the 2005 Southeastern Wine Competition.
Soft…full flavor laced with oak to enhance fruitiness.
  Pinot Grigio
This white wine offers floral notes and a crisp and flavorful taste. It is soft and fruity yet assertive and dry!
  Rooster Black
A Merlot flavored with sweet blackberries perfect for sipping!
  Rooster Red
A Chianti style wine with a hint of cranberries! A must try!
  Sauvignon Blanc
Classic dry wine offers grassy & herbal notes with a green fruit character. Bronze medal winner in the 2005 Southeastern Wine Competition!
This well-rounded, full-bodied yet mellow Zinfandel was made from grapes grown on a 100-year-old vine!
  Strawberry Breeze
This wine is a Riesling with a strawberry taste reminding one of a field of ripe strawberries!
  Sunset Red
Cabernet Merlot. The perfect marriage... strong yet soft and rich to boot.
  Sweet Mountain Bliss
This sweet wine is perfect chilled and for quenching a summers thirst. A great view of the mountains goes with this wine perfectly! Silver Medal winner in the 2005 Southeast Wine Competition!
  Temperature Rising
Luscious, rich and velvety Chianti wine made with imported grapes from Italy! This is like liquid Viagra (TM) not for the weak hearted!
  Tropical Wave
This kiwi-flavored Gewürztraminer gushes with fresh fruit flavor.
Dry full bodied and fruity with a rich and exotic fruit aroma. Bronze medal winner in the 2005 Southeastern Wine Competition.


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