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Van Brunt Stillhouse

Van Brunt Stillhouse Van Brunt Stillhouse is located in Red Hook Brooklyn and is producing hand crafted spirits for New York City. Rum from minimally processed sugar cane. Grappa from Red Hook Winery's wine skins. Whiskey from New York State grains. Due North Rum, Red Hook Grappa and Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey is in stores now!


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6 Bay Street, Brooklyn, NY, US, 11231 Email:
Phone: 718-852-6405 Web:
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  Due North Rum
Due North Rum is carefully created with organic, unprocessed sugar. While most sugar is grown on plantations and manufactured in industrial processing plants, our sugar was grown by small family farmers and dried in the sun. Rum has a long history in New York and America. The fledgling colonies were cash poor and recognized the economic opportunity in importing the waste product of their sister colonies in the Caribbean and producing a much sought after product on the world market. Van Brunt Stillhouse is bringing rum back to the northeast with Brooklyn’s own rum: Due North Rum.
Close Prev / Next pino blanc.jpg Grappa Grape skins freshly pressed from Brooklyn wines are gently steamed to coax out the earthy delight know as Grappa. While not everyone likes Grappa, for those that do, Van Brunt Stillhouse's Grappa is a delicacy. Last fall we worked with Lieb Cellars, Brooklyn Winery and Red Hook Winery to produce some very nice grappa. Currently, we are offering a delicate single varietal from Lieb Cellars made with their Pinot Blanc grape. This is a soft and gentle grappa. We also are offering, exclusively at Dry Dock, a very limited number of bottles of aged grappa from Merlot grapes which came from the Red Hook Winery 2 years ago. Last year, we set aside five gallons in an Hungarian Oak barrel. This is a serious treat for grappa lovers and there are very few bottles available.
Moonshine, White Lightning, New Make Whiskey. 19th Century New York City produced more Moonshine that the entire south combined. From industrial scale operations in Chelsea to “mom and pop” stills in Vinegar Hill to Red Hook’s own streets, whiskey was once produced in large quantities in the City. The Stillhouse is working to revive this proud tradition. Our Moonshine is our unaged American Whiskey. The lack of oak brings forward all the grain flavors. While our Moonshine is not generally available yet, restaurants that would like to add us to the menu can discuss getting delivery of some of our white dog. Consumers can expect Moonshine in stores by the winter.
  Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey
Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey does not fit neatly into typical whiskey categories. It is a four grain whiskey made primarily from malted barley and wheat, with a little bit of corn and a touch of rye. This unique whiskey has floral notes of a malt whiskey with the new barrel sweetness of a bourbon. Van Brunt Stillhouse Malt Whiskey, like it's Scottish cousin, is made with 100% malted barley. But the Stillhouse's uniquely American approach makes this bold and bright whiskey stand out from Scotch. At 9 months the grain comes to the front, and the small, new barrels give this whiskey a healthy dose of the wood character that American's look for in whiskey.


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