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Slide Ridge Winery

Slide Ridge Winery Each vintage of Slide Ridge "CaCysir" is “unique to the season.” This wine is the most fascinating one I’ve tasted in a very long time. I have no other mead references, so I can’t even compare it to anything else. Add to that fact that Slide Ridge has a very different blend: 75.32 percent apples, 23.79 percent honey, and .89 percent grapes, this is one uniquely intense beverage. A spicy apple, citrusy sweet beverage, with an alcohol level of 13.65 percent, just leave it to Utah residents to be so exact with the alcohol content This wine is very spicy and something that would work really well for the upcoming holidays. It’s not a sipping by the pool kind of wine; rather, it’s a complementary wine for something fun to eat. Let your imagination run as wild as the bees with this one. It’s definitely the treat I was anticipating, and delighted to have shared products from my favorite insects (next to butterflies). I see this dripped all over yogurt or ice cream… A touch of it added to my whipping cream, or drizzle a bit of it on my Mother’s Pecan Pie.


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1600 South 5400 West, Mendon, UT, US, 84325 Email:
Phone: 435-752-4956 Web:
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