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Koval Distillery

Koval Distillery Koval Inc. is the first boutique distillery located in Chicago. Its founders, Robert and Sonat Birnecker, gave up academic careers to bring the distilling traditions and techniques of Robert’s Austrian grandfather to America. Certified both organic and kosher, Koval holds itself to the highest standards of purity and craftsmanship. Koval avoids the common industry practice of outsourcing the production of neural grain spirits for rectification, making all of its products from scratch. Each step of the distilling process, from the “mashing” to the bottling is carefully monitored to insure that only the best spirit reaches your lips.


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5121 N Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, IL, US, 60640 Email:
Phone: 312-878-7988 Web:
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  American Oat
Pitcher of collage laughter coils through copper and time essence clear of foam icy absence of amber hops and malt win clear.
  Levant Spelt
  Midwest Wheat
  Pear Brandy
The blush is unashamed, more a flush of crimson pleasure on the sunny side of yellow, juicy white flesh fragrance of its tree.
  Raksi Millet
elegant gestures drawn in air by whiskered seeds on slender reeds transformed clear essence smooth liquid presence


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