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Arterra Wines

Arterra Wines Sandy and Jason were high-school sweet-hearts who married and now live with their two sons, Grayson and Caolan, in the heart of Virginia Wine Country. Sandy is a lifelong artist and art educator, with both academic and professional experience. With the birth of their second son, Sandy left the full-time educational career path and launched Hawkmoth Arts. Hawkmoth found a niche with wine and vine related fine arts and has met with great success exhibiting at local wine and arts festivals. Time constraints limited production capacity while one or both children were in pre-school, but now in 2015, when both are in Elementary School, the opportunity arises, deriving from frequent requests from customers, to move Hawkmoth forward to a permanent gallery/studio space as a full-time career path for Sandy. Jason has been growing grapes and making wine in Virginia since 2003, earning a great reputation for producing the highest quality red wines in Virginia, regarded as exceptional to the height of international merit. Jason started as a viticulturist and went on to self-train as a winemaker in the interest of seeing the cycle through to completion (the grapes being grown in a manner that facilitates wine quality). The red wine quality reached a level that dramatically improved price points and profit margins and led to a more recent understanding of completing the full cycle of the wine grape: growing the fruit >>> making the wine >>> representing & selling the wine. The natural next step is to work towards independent ownership of the grapes, wine, facilities, and sales venue associated with the crafted wines. Arterra Wines has risen as the clear vision for the red wines produced by Jason: wines created and grapes grown with an artful mind, accentuating the most positive attributes of the land (slope, soil, light). This combined with production practices that push the limits in pursuit of greatness sets the stage for a well rounded business. At this point, it becomes exciting to marry the two: Hawkmoth Arts and Arterra Wines. The timing is aligned with the development of the family, Hawkmoth pushing to the next level, Arterra becoming independently owned, and combining them together as a business structure under one roof.


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1808 Leeds Manor Road, Delaplane, VA, US, 20144 Email:
Phone: 540-422-3443 Web:
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