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Black Squirrel Distillery

Black Squirrel Distillery Black Squirrel Distillery is a New York limited liability company operating a distilled spirits plant under a New York class D farm distillery license. As a New York farm distillery, Black Squirrel manufactures spirits using primarily New York State agricultural products and is permitted to hold tastings and sell products at our location, state and county fairs, and local not-for-profit farmers’ markets. As Black Squirrel grows, we help local farms expand and flourish in New York. Black Squirrel is produced, as it should be, in small batches in a copper pot still. All Black Squirrel begins life in New York forests. The maple woods provide us maple sap that we have boiled into a dark yet delicate maple syrup. That syrup yields the most perfect of sugars – complex, mineral rich, aromatic and hearty, which we personally ferment and craft distill into Black Squirrel.

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1595 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY, US, 14207 Email:
Phone: 716-249-1122 Web:
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