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Don Ciccio & Figli

Don Ciccio & Figli "Don Ciccio" is my grandfather's name. He used to be a 'carrozziere', who owned a small body shop, a flourishing trade in those days, but his true passion was making artisanal liqueurs such as Limoncello. So with the help of Giovanni Porpora, my other grandfather, a true 'falegname', wood worker, they built a small distillery on the hills of Furore located in the coastal region in the south of Italy near Positano and Capri. The distillery was built facing one of the most beautiful views on the Amalfi Coast surrounded by 12 acres of lemon trees. This is how our story began, back in 1883. After almost 100 years, the distillery shut down in 1980, because of a massive earthquake. The distillery and the lemon trees were completely destroyed by the catastrophic event. So here I am today, born in a lemon garden, wanting to continue the family business. Don Ciccio & Figli plans to expand the family tradition and to make people understand and appreciate the hard work, the love for our art and the passion for artisanal liqueurs that my grandfathers began so many years ago.


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