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East End Brewing Company

East End Brewing Company If you don’t already know, let me say right up front that we are a microbrewery in the true sense of the word, and not a brewpub. We leave the serving to the experts at the fine establishments who pour our brews around town. So please, don’t take it personally if we don’t ask you to come on over for a beer. It’s not you, or that shirt you’re wearing that puts us off. It’s because there’s really no place inside our brewery for you to sit down, have a sandwich and enjoy a fresh pint of tasty brew – though, I personally have been known to do this very thing from time to time. When you have your own brewery, maybe you can do this too. That said, for those that want to get a closer look, you can always come out during our "Growler Hours" . We can show you around the place a bit, and you can even take some beer home with you. Here's a map to help you find the place.


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147 Julius Street, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15206 Email:
Phone: 412-537-2337 Web:
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