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Tousey Winery

Tousey Winery What do a fighter pilot, a restaurateur, a budding politician and an environmental chemist have in common? Answer: Passion for wine. In a past life, these were our professions and we conducted them all over the world. But one passion and one place brought us together. So you've heard what unified us, what about the place, where? Answer: Clermont, NY Clermont, NY, is the location of the Tousey farm. Being in the Tousey family for generations it has evolved several times over the years from growing apples to small fruits and beekeeping. From there, it wasn't a stretch of the imagination to go a little further - strive towards our passion - and plant a small vineyard and start the production of wine. The current climate helped too. New York state's reputation for producing top quality wines was growing in stature. Leaving us with all the key ingredients. Put it together... Answer: Passion for wine + Clermont, NY = Tousey Winery Our goal is to produce wines that we would like to drink ourselves. Wines that are enjoyed with food just as much as friends. Both the winery and the tasting room are situated within the Blue Roof building (on the Tousey farm), formerly the old Cider Mill.


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1774 Rt 9, Germantown, NY, US, 12526 Email:
Phone: 518-567-5462 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc
The original Cabernet grape! Aged in oak barrels, this Cabernet Franc exhibits plum and berry flavors. Great tannins and a soft, elegant finish.
Notes of apple, pear and peach shine through on this fruity and refreshing Chardonnay. Hints of butterscotch are followed by crisp, dry finish.
  Crème de Cassis
The cassis is a blend of four varieties of black currants, grown on the estate, along with honey (no sugar) from our very own bee hives. Uniquely, the honey is used to sweeten and balance the Cassis against the sharpness of the currant to give a bold and fragrant flavor.
  Pinot Noir
Matured in French oak barrels, this delectable Pinot Noir reveals flavors of strawberries and black cherries. A warm, smooth and elegant example of this classic varietal.
  Rebellion Rose
A wonderful summer wine, best served chilled. Full of heady berry flavors, fun and sassiness!
  The Queen of Clermont
This aromatic white blend, with its hint of sweetness, is a superlatively versatile wine, equally magnificent as a pre-dinner sipper and with spicy Asian cuisine.


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