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Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Ruth Lewandowski Wines Contrary to who most people imagine Ruth to be, she is not my mother, nor my grandmother, but my favorite book in the Bible. Without sounding 'preachy,' and in the interest of concisely summing things up, there is no better depiction of death and redemption than the book of Ruth (who just happened to be from a town called "Moab"). Much of my philosophy of farming and, in turn, winemaking is derived from this cycle of death and redemption (both in the physical realm we can see and the spiritual realm we often do not). Death is, indeed, the engine of life. Nothing that is alive today could be so without something having died first. This is the nature of our universe, of our planet, of our soils, plants, and ultimately you and I. The labels for all three wines are likely making a little bit more sense now, the death of each animal and the life springing forth because of it.


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3340 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT, US, 84115 Email:
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